Monday, December 26, 2005

Santa was good to me!

The whole concept was made easier by Santa, who brought me the Garmin GPS 60 that I wanted. I'm just starting to explore the software available with the unit.

Must say I'm disappointed with Garmin for creating software that doesn't run properly unless the user has administrator access. You'd hope that in this day and age of hackers and security conciousness that the software providers wouldn't be the ones to cause problems, but this is the second case of a corporation large enough to afford to set a good example just ignoring the problems surrounding granting administrator access to users.

The other software that forces me to grant administrator access is Sony's SonicStage software which the kids use to load their Sony MP3 players. I hate it that I have to grant administrator access to the same kid that keeps loading backgrounds and other crap from her MSN chat buddies.

While I'm on the rant, I should point out that the real fault lies in an operating system that requires such complex measures to provide what is essentially second-rate security to a fundamentally insecure and vulnerable system.

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